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Saturday, October 13

Dirt cheap used & 'generic' titles!

You guys, it's rainy, we know. You're just not sure if you want to crawl out from under the sheets on a rainy Saturday and go record shopping... to help you with that tough decision we're cutting the prices on a bunch of our 'generic' vinyl titles. These are the records in our used section that have circular price stickers. In most cases the vinyl is untouched and many of these records have never even been opened! Even if a generic record is still sealed, you can ask us to open it so you can inspect it or give it a spin on our turntables to ensure quality! Just to give you an idea, we've got Jon Spencer, Black Angels, Soul Jazz comps., Black Heart Procession, Janis Joplin, Baby Dee, Alasdair Roberts, Lucinda Williams, and a ton of other good stuff over in that section, and it's almost all $10 or less!

We've also been pricing up some quality used titles as we mentioned yesterday, along with those sweet, sweet Burger tapes! Plenty of fresh stuff for you to check out this weekend at saki!

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