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Tuesday, October 2

Vinnie the Intern #17: Ten Years of The Streets

Note: I was going to write about NO LOVE DEEP WEB's release yesterday, but due to my mind being blown, I will wait until next week. For now, I will talk about The Streets.

I miss The Streets. Even though it has only been about two years since his last album, knowing that Mike Skinner (AKA The Streets) will not be releasing another album under his moniker makes me long for something. A something that only The Streets can bring me. This October, it will mark the ten year anniversary (in the US) of the release of his first full length Original Pirate Material. In honor of this, I give to you my top ten favorite tracks from The Streets. 

Since 2002, Skinner released five full length albums, one EP, and one mix-tape: Original Pirate Material, A Grand Don't Come For Free, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living, Everything Is Borrowed, Computers and Blues, All Got Our Runnins and Cyberspace and Reds, respectively.

The Streets - Original Pirate Material (2002)
10. "All Goes Out the Window" - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
09. Lock the Locks - Computers And Blues
08. "Has It Come To This?" - Original Pirate Material
07. "Same Old Thing" - Original Pirate Material
06. "Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way" - A Grand Don't Come For Free
05. "Don't Mug Yourself" - Original Pirate Material 
04. "Geezers Need Excitement" - Original Pirate Material
03. "Trust Me" - Computers And Blues
02. "Weak Become Heroes" - Original Pirate Material
01. "Blinded By the Lights" - A Grand Don't Come For Free
"Blinded By the Lights" is the quintessential song by The Streets. The rave-esque beat and the dramatic narrative of getting ditched at a club through a debauched night of chasing (possibly his girlfriend?) Simone who apparently fancies Dan instead of Mr. Skinner. The video is beautiful directed and compliments Skinner's best song very well.

Last Saturday Mike Skinner's new project The D.O.T. released a video for song "You Never Asked." The song starts off very predictable and forgettable until until Mike Skinner and Danny Brown (a winning combo) have a nice little back and forth. Check it out below.

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