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Monday, November 12

Weekly new release sale @ saki!

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF! You can check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter, to find out which titles will be discounted. We'll choose 2-3 titles each week and they'll be discounted for their entire first week of release!

This week we're going to continue offering the sale on Sonic Youth's Live at Smart Bar 1985 CD and LP, the vinyl version of the Philip Glass remix project, and the vinyl version of Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music!

Sonic Youth - Live at Smart Bar 1985 CD or LP

Live multi-track recording of NYC legends. Live versions of most of the songs from Bad Moon Rising & the never-properly-released track "Kat 'n' Hat". Recorded at Chicago's Smart Bar in 1985!
Philip Glass - Rework: Philip Glass Remixed LP

2xLP WHITE WITH SILVER SPLATTER VINYL. The idea for "Rework" came together during a conversation between Philip & his friend & new collaborator BECK. The pair recruited producer Hector Castillo (David Bowie, Bjork, Lou Reed) to help assemble a collection of remixes of Glass' works by a list of critically acclaimed artists including BECK, TYONDAI BRAXTON, AMON TOBIN, CORNELIUS, DAN DEACON, JOHANN JOHANNSSON, NOSAJ THING, MEMORY TAPES, PANTHA DU PRINCE, MY GREAT GHOST & PETER BRODERICK.

Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music LP

"Mike hooks up with 2012 MVP frontrunner El-P... to create what's described on the title track as "what my people need and the opposite of bullshit." It's the 2012 equivalent to Ice Cube and the Bomb Squad's similarly inspired bicoastal union on AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted.Limiting himself to one producer, legends-only guest spots, and a real sense that he'd better make this one count, Killer Mike rises to the occasion." - P4K

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