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Monday, October 8

WOO! WOO! WOO! Woo "It's Cozy Inside" on Pitchfork

That's right! 

Pitchfork.com gave Drag City's newest LP/CD release, Woo It's Cozy Inside a 7.8 review today.  FO'REALS!  Check it out ~

"Music this strange certainly has the right to present itself as serious, mystical shit doing all kinds of serious, mystical investigation. It's to Woo's credit that they don't. Every level of It's Cosy Inside -- from the cartoonish front cover to the song titles to the sound itself-- is chipper and inviting. They're just two smiling brothers in sailor hats making quiet guitar ooze for you to get massaged to."

And lest we forget....Drag City has also bestowed a split 7" from Woo and Nite Jewel upon us - a meeting of the minds, indeed!

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