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Friday, November 2

Dreamscape "La-Di-Da Recordings" Pitchfork 8.1

In the "Better Late Than Never" department (yeah, we have that department at CTD), obscure British dream poppers, Dreamscape received an 8.1 review on Pitchfork today, for their Kranky LP/CD La-Di-Da Recordings, which culls their discography.

Sure, the release date was officially August 21st, 2012, but there were things happening? Um, yeah.  

Anyway - onto the good bits! -

"La-Di-Da, both classic-sounding and inventive, ought to confirm Dreamscape a spot in the canon of early shoegaze innovators. A beautiful thing about "lost" records like this is recognizing the odds were stacked against your ever discovering them-- it's only through fate that their notes and tones didn't end up alone on some odd dusty cassette, fading over time in a shoebox on a closet shelf."

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