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Tuesday, November 27

Vinnie the Intern #25: Best of... Schedule

This coming week I will be doing a series of "Top of the Year" lists. Below is the schedule.

Saturday, December 1st
Top Five Music Videos of the Year

Sunday, December 2nd
Top Five Albums of the Year

Monday, December 3rd
Top 50 Songs of the Year (Part One) (50-41)

Tuesday, December 4th
Top 50 Songs of the Year (Part Two) (40-31)

Wednesday, December 5th
 Top 50 Songs of the Year (Part Three) (30-21)

Thursday, December 6th
Top 50 Songs of the Year (Part Four) (20-11)

Friday, December 7th
Top 50 Songs of the Year (Part Five) (10-1)
Keep in mind, I am only one person so I can only be aware of so many artists and songs. Years from now I will still be uncovering music from the year we knew as 2012. But for now, these will be to commemorate albums, videos, and songs I have enjoyed over this year. So just enjoy reading them and feel free to comment on your favorites of the year. I am sure we can all respectively agree to disagree.

For now, I'll just leave you with a video I have been watching quite a bit.


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