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Friday, December 7

Vinnie the Intern #32: Top 50 Songs of 2012 (10-1)

10. Joey Bada$$ Feat. Capital STEEZ - "Killuminati" - 1999
Sporting a beat by Knxwledge, "Killuminati" is the slower paced, yet hostile older brother to"Survival Tactics." With extensive references from "Ten Crack Commandments" to Plaxico Burress, Joey Bada$$ shows how he and the rest of  PRO ERA have "progressive flows from New York to New Mexico."

9. Flying Lotus Feat. Captain Murphy & Earl Sweatshirt - "Between Friends" - Duality
This song will some day hopefully be looked upon someday as ground breaking. Not only an amazing collaboration between Flying Lotus and Earl Sweatshirt (who gives one of the best verses of his short career), but it created the mystery of the identity of who was Captain Murphy. It would later be found out to be Flying Lotus

8. Maps & Atlases - "Silver Self" - Beware and Be Grateful 
Say what you will able Maps & Atlases new sound. While this is in no way comparable to tracks on Trees, Swallows, Houses or You and Me and the Mountain, it doesn't mean that it loses merit in their catalogue. I I don't need a repeat of what I already have. In a completely 180, this is M&A at their most dancable while keeping tappy elements from their earlier releases with their harmonization of Perch Patchwork. "Silver Self" acts as the culmination of their work and is a success.

7. Animal Collective - "Money Riches" - Centipede Hz
While the palate on Centipede Hz kind of all blended together pretty well, "Monkey Riches" stood out for being that song on the album that gives off the same energy as definitive songs like "Fireworks" or 'My Girls." The glitchy chorus with the warm tone of the instrumentals make it an essential Animal Collective track and one of the best songs of the year. (I put the live version since I prefer Avey Tare's live vocals during the chorus. His yelling is a little more fitting than his studio performance.)

6. WHY? - "Twenty Seven" - Sod in the Seed - EP
For as short as this song is, it will be certain to leave an impression. If you pick out any of the lyrics, you will surely be hitting the rewind button. Pulling feathers from a baby robin like pedals and building a small fence from its twenty seven brittle bones for his lover to put "spiders, ice, pennies, or twenty of [her] firstborns baby teeth." Horrific really, but what is really horrific at how gorgeous the melody and how much care and attention to detail the lyrics are sung. Not to mention the ever-shifting beat which gives it a unique touch.

5. Toro Y Moi - "So Many Details" - Anything in Return
Much less filtered and altered, this beautiful organic triumph shows how Toro y Moi has continued to evolve his sound even within only a couple of albums under his belt. Beautiful funky lines, fuzzy keyboards, and some "woos" make it a fun track even if it has a somber tone, as the breakdown contains the question "What happened to us?" Ending with a blend of all the expositions in the piece, they all go well together making a funky, blast that is erratic while still keeping a relaxed coolness that Chaz Bundick can have (and something we all wish we could all possess).

4. Kendrick Lamar - "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" - good kid, m.A.A.d city
A vibe that makes usage of space, "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" is Kendrick Lamar's masterpiece from one of the most realized albums this year, good kid, m.A.A.d city. Some great percussion, funky bass, and beautiful orchestral arrangements that compliment the elegance of the track and set the tone of Kendrick's new found hype but finding solace in the little things such as his music. "You ain't heard the coast like this in a long time" Kendrick states and that is very true. Hip hop needed an album like this that brings the nostalgia of the early 90s Compton back to hip hop.

3. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Live It Up" - Mature Themes
Washed out keys and temperate vocals drive Ariel Pink's standout track of the year, "Live It Up." With the Michael Jackson "woos" and resonance of melody crashing together to form something that could be plucked out of the 1980s. Bass lines are smooth and lyrics are great, as always from Ariel: "dubstep or Duck Stab, baby?"

2. Flying Lotus - "Me Yesterday//Corded" - Until the Quiet Comes
This dreamy two parter is a gorgeous, lush piece that makes it feel as if you are ascending over a city with bright lights and colors adding to a kaleidoscopic vibe. A jazzy blend with electronic textures, this song is euphoric as it hits the second part. Once the beat kicks in I feel immediate transported into whatever world Flying Lotus has created. The 3:00 mark  of the track contains some of the most memorable bass lines in recent history.

1. Death Grips - "Hacker" - The Money Store
"Damn, Vinnie is playing that song again" is what I'm sure my roommates thought in the last months of my Junior year. I greeted every morning with playing "Hacker" on repeat. Gaga, can indeed, not handle this shit. I've never really heard anything remotely close to this. The first time I heard this, I was absolutely awe-inspired. The beat is glitchy, distorted, abrasive, yet strangely LCD Soundsystem-esque adding to its dance-like quality. A perfect closer to the greatest album (in my opinion) of the year and to this list, Death Grips truly had a year that will go down in memory as an envelope pushing vehicle that was created to destroy any preconceived notion about what ever they saw fit. Death Grips could be poppy, they could be hip hop, but they would only do what they felt was right. "Hacker" is a testament to their ever changing style, abstract lyricism, and disturbingly addictive energy.

All in all, I sincerely hoped you liked this week of lists. The countless hours I carefully crafted these lists are sure to change as I find more music from this year (which still isn't even over yet). This will be my last set of blogs for a little while...probably. It's been about six months since my first blog and I truly love it. I thank everyone at Carrot Top, Saki, and everyone who does read these blogs. People who have told me they do enjoy it, means a substantial amount. I love showing people new music so I am happy I have a medium to do so. Hopefully you have checked out what's here, I really do recommend every song on my lists. I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction. ;)

For now, I am off to study for finals and my winter break,


Vinnie the Intern

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