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Monday, January 7

New Releases @ saki 1/8/13!

Santah - You're Still A Lover 12" EP (our first saki records release!)
Crazy Horse - S/T LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Omar Rodriquez Lopez - Octopus Kool Aid LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Crystal Castles - III CD and LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Stars of the Lid - Ballasted Orchestra LP
J Fernandez - No Luck/Fading Out 7"
Fuzz 7" (Ty Segall)
Liminanas 7"
Wooden Wand - Blood Oaths of the New Blues LP
Major Stars - Decibels of Gratitude LP
Calvin Love - New Radar LP
Boris/Joe Volk split LP
Michael Pollar - Translations 01 LP
Big Boi - Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors LP
Solange - True CD and LP
Bill Withers - Just As I Am LP
Rev. Louis Overstreet - There's No Future In Gaining The World & Losing Your Soul LP
Tilly & The Wall - Love Riot (Remix) 12"

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