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Monday, January 7

saki newsletter 1/8/13!

Aaaaaand we're back in the newsletter game, folks! We've got some pretty amazing stuff to tell you about! 

This Thursday, we're presenting Radar Eyes, Speck Mountain and Circuit Des Yeux at Lincoln Hall. You may have noticed the awesome screen printed poster from Ethan D'Ercole in our window or elsewhere around town... Then, on Saturday, we have the first in a very special series of Epitonic saki Sessions presented by Notes & Bolts. We're hosting Chandeliers and Deep Sleep for a session, but this time both sets will not only be available on Epitonic (as usual) but Notes & Bolts and saki are will also be releasing the live tracks on a limited run cassette! We've got two of these sessions for January, the second on January 26th with Pink Frost. After that we aim to do one of these special sessions a month.

On January 13th we're bringing Pillars & Tongues back for another session (with some new material). They'll be joined by one of our other absolute favorite Chicago bands in Zelienople. We're seriously excited for this one. If you're not aware of both or either of these bands, we strongly recommend you come check them out!

On the 18th we have the opening reception for our January artist's, Delicious Design League! You've no doubt seen some of their screen printed posters around town, but we've got some of the best of the best on our walls right now. The prints will be available for purchase in advance of the opening, but definitely come to the opening if you want to meet the artists or nosh on some free food and drinks from saki and Upton's Naturals!

We'll be celebrating the release of our first saki records release with Santah's You're Still A Lover 12" EP (available NOW) on the 19th with a party featuring performances from Barber Greene, Grandkids and Gabe from Dastardly at saki. After the party we're all heading down to The Burlington for DJ sets from saki and Santah!

That's not even everything we have for January, but we'll update you on the rest later. We've got a VERY special announcement for January 28th that you don't want to miss out on!

Upcoming events:

Thursday, January 10th @ 9pm
saki presents: Radar Eyes, Speck Mountain & Circuit Des Yeux at Lincoln Hall!

Saturday, January 12th @ 4pm
Notes & Bolts presents: an Epitonic saki Session w/ Chandeliers and Deep Sleep!

Sunday, January 13th @ 6pm
Epitonic saki Session w/ Pillars & Tongues and Zelienople!

Friday, January 18th @ 6pm
Opening reception of 'Yuck' Screen-printed works of Delicious Design League!

Saturday, January 19th @ 6pm
Santah 'You're Still A Lover' record release party feat. Grandkids, Gabe from Dastardly & Barber Greene! Followed by DJ sets from saki & members of Santah at The Burlington!

Saturday, January 26th @ 4pm
Notes & Bolts presents: an Epitonic saki Session w/ Pink Frost!

Sunday, January 27th @ 3pm
In-store w/ She Speaks In Tongues and MEKILLERRUN!

New Releases @ saki 1/8/13:

Santah - You're Still A Lover 12" EP (our first saki records release!)
Crazy Horse - S/T LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Omar Rodriquez Lopez - Octopus Kool Aid LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Crystal Castles - III CD and LP (20% OFF THIS WEEK!)
Stars of the Lid - Ballasted Orchestra LP
Fuzz 7" (Ty Segall)
Liminanas 7"
Wooden Wand - Blood Oaths of the New Blues LP
Major Stars - Decibels of Gratitude LP
Calvin Love - New Radar LP
Boris/Joe Volk split LP
Michael Pollar - Translations 01 LP
Big Boi - Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors LP
Solange - True CD and LP
Bill Withers - Just As I Am LP
Rev. Louis Overstreet - There's No Future In Gaining The World & Losing Your Soul LP
Tilly and The Wall - Love Riot (Remix) 12"

Weekly New Release Sale @ saki:

This week we're offering the reissue of Crazy Horse's 1971 debut, Crystal Castles' III, and Omar Rodriguez Lopez' Octopus Kool Aid for 20% off!

Crazy Horse - S/T LP

Reissue of the long out of print classic debut from Neil Young's backing band! Originally released in 1971. Features Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot, with Jack Nitzche & Nilz Lofgren. Cut from the original analog masters on 180gr vinyl!


Crystal Castles - III CD or LP

P4K 8.0! "[the] success of (III) is how it brings you close enough to the evil that men do to be shocked, repulsed, and affected by it." Sounds great, right!?

 Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Octopus Kool Aid

Finds ORL & company concentrating once more on electronics as opposed to guitar-based composition, a tendency encountered on 2010's tychozorente, not to mention THE MARS VOLTA's recent game changer, Noctourniquet.

Check out these new and upcoming featured releases from saki/CTD!
Isolatarium cover art
Charlatan Isolatarium
Label: Type
Format: LP
Catalog Number: type112lp
Release Date: January 08, 2013
Analog electronics fractured into shards of techno & radiophonic experiments, courtesy of Brad Rose (NORTH SEA, DIGITALIS). Dispensing w/ the jerky 808-led shimmer of its predecessor Triangles, Isolatarium makes its case w/ cold, digital synthesis & buried 4/4 pulses. The searing noise of Rose's output as The North Sea is still audible somewhere in the mix, but the key to this record is restraint, & any clouds of white noise are tempered by cascades of sizzling FM synthesis
Go To Sleep, Mess cover art
Day Joy Go To Sleep, Mess
Label: Small Plates
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: smpl012
Release Date: December 25, 2012
NOTE NEW PRICE! Beautifully lush dream pop & folk landscapes caressed w/ crooning heartfelt melodies & deep poetic lyricism. "Truly elegant & heartbreaking lyricism yank DAY JOY from beneath the ho-hum alt-country umbrella out into heartily-crafted folk sunlight. Ltd to 500
Alter Egos (OST) cover art
Lennon, Sean Alter Egos (OST)
Label: Chimera Music
Format: CD
Catalog Number: chim013cd
Release Date: January 15, 2013
**EXCLUSIVE!! 01/15 STREET DATE. Sweeping orchestral arrangements, surf guitar, epic superhero themes & a touch of eerie that recalls "Twin Peaks". All of these diverse elements blend seamlessly together on Sean Lennon's "Alter Egos" film score. Lennon acts as both composer & performer on the 20 song soundtrack. Miho Hatori (CIBO MATTO, GORILLAZ) lends her voice talents herein on a few tracks. NO EXPORT TO EU/UK/JAPAN
Alter Egos (OST) cover art
Lennon, Sean Alter Egos (OST)
Label: Chimera Music
Format: LP
Catalog Number: chim013lp
Release Date: January 15, 2013
**EXCLUSIVE!! 01/15 STREET DATE. VINYL VERSION. Rolling Stone praised the "Alter Egos" score as "a pastiche of familiar superhero movie orchestration & a variety of pop styles, further cement(ing) Lennon's reputation as a musical chameleon." Similarly, Variety notes an ability to "span a wide array of musical styles from retro to noir to psychedelic to sweeping, tension filled action." NO EXPORT TO EU/UK/JAPAN
S/T cover art
Mystical Weapons S/T
Label: Chimera Music
Format: CD
Catalog Number: chim012cd
Release Date: January 15, 2013
**EXCLUSIVE!! 01/15 STREET DATE. Debut album from the duo of Sean Lennon & Greg Saunier (DEERHOOF). Instrumental psych rock & avant grade in a variety of moods & styles. "Truly, the music here is all over the place, but it's held together by a rigorous intelligence of conception & a joyful 'DO IT' spontaneity that continually challenges both players & listeners. They destroy form in any style you can imagine." - Byron Coley. NO EXPORT TO EU/UK/JAPAN
S/T cover art
Mystical Weapons S/T
Label: Chimera Music
Format: LP
Catalog Number: chim012lp
Release Date: January 15, 2013
Wild One cover art
North Highlands Wild One
Label: BLVD
Format: LP
Catalog Number: blvd007lp
Wild One is the bandÕs debut full-length, constructed by Malvini and her band, which demonstrates a proficiency seldom heard on the Brooklyn indie rock circuit. Fortunately, this is a group that knows how to juggle the technical gifts at its disposal and the emotional application needed to make this something more than an exercise in indie navel-gazing. Wild One might seem like an inappropriate banner to hoist over such quotidian surface structures, but dig a little deeper and it clearly represents this bandÕs desire to shake things up every once in a while. -Pitchfork
Actual Video cover art
Sofa Club Actual Video
Label: Muscular
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: musc01
Ultra cool, synth-heavy slacker pop from Staten Island, NY trio. Deliberately placed in that indistinct space right in the middle between honest 80s heyday charts reverence & unabashed irony, not unlike Greatest Hits for that matter
Night & Day / Magic Idea cover art
Solar Year Night & Day / Magic Idea
Label: Stratosfear
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: strat001
Release Date: January 15, 2013
**EXCLUSIVE!! 01/15 STREET DATE. LIMITED EDITION OF 300 VINYL ONLY RELEASE. Equal parts sound art & pop music, Solar Year emerged from the same creative community as Grimes, D'Eon & Tonstartssbandht. They use electronics & live resampling, creating otherworldly soundscapes - hazy atmospheres that float between Nordic electro-pop, serene New Age reverie, & the liturgy of medieval monks. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA
Just As I Am cover art
Withers, Bill Just As I Am
Label: 4 Men WIth Beards
Format: LP
Catalog Number: 4m816lp
Release Date: January 08, 2013
1971 debut from the soul legend. Features the outright, stone cold, classic "Ain't No Sunshine." 180gm in a deluxe tip-on jacket. NO CANADA/NO EXPORT
If you are interested in our exclusives please check out our list of exclusively distributed labels. Good stuff, cheap and available a week before other online retailers!

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