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Thursday, January 17

Vinnie the Intern #33: Some New Exciting Releases

After a nice winter break, Vinnie the Intern has made his triumphant return! 

Also note that if you have liked any of my past blogs, I have set up a blog site, Rascuache Ricochet.  I try to write every weekday so check it out every now and again if you'd like!

During my break, quite a bit has happened. On a sad note, PRO ERA confidant, Capital STEEZ, passed away on December 24 after a grim final tweet that simply stated "The end." It is believed he committed suicide. Below, check out one of the highlights from his mix-tape Amerikkka's Korruption, "Free the Robots." 

Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox - Single
Keeping up with PRO ERA: King of the revitalization of the boom-bap, Joey Bada$$, has since release a new song "Unorthodox" produced by DJ Premier. Check it out on his Soundcloud. Ironically, it is one of his more orthodox songs he has released featuring a somewhat sing-song, catchy chorus and confident statement "won't sign to no major, if no wager less than the three mill..." 

Toro y Moi - Anything in Return (January 22/Carpark)
Towards the end of last year, Toro y Moi released "So Many Details." A song that blended several of his musical pursuits together in an impressive fashion. This week, we are able to stream his new album, Anything in Return on Pitchfork. The album features much more vocal cut-ups and "yeahs" in the distance but treads a lot of familiar territory which fans of his previous work should appreciate  Instrumentals are lush and full and his vocals are well performed and well written. 
Some immediate standouts: "So Many Details," "Rose Quartz," and "Harm in Change."

Iceage - You're Nothing (February 19th/Matador)
Iceage has returned to the scene after signing to label, Matador Records. They have not lost the spark or angst that was present on their debut, 2011's New Brigade. Check out their new song "Coalition" on their Soundcloud which is set to be on their new album, the snidely titled, You're Nothing

This Town Needs Guns - (January 22/Sargent House)
Lastly, This Town Needs Guns' new album,, is available to stream on PureVolume. Fans of Minus the Bear's Highly Refined Pirates should feel at home on this release. These interesting, angular yet accessible instrumentals and new vocalist show that the band has not lost their luster, but yet have released their most compelling set of songs to date.
Some immediate standouts: "Cat Fantastic," "I'll Take the Minute Snake," and "Havoc in the Forum." 

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