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Thursday, January 24

Vinnie the Intern #34: Releases I'm Looking Forward To

Here are three albums with spring releases that I am highly anticipating. Of course there are more: AraabMusik's For Professional Use Only, a new Strokes record that hopefully outshines "Angels," Matmos' "The Marriage of True Minds, the new Vampire Weekend due in May, and" Deltron 3030's "Event II," among many others.

Tera Melos - X'ed Out (April 16,2013/Sargent House)
After an already stellar release of the new album by This Town Needs Guns, Sargent House continues their exciting list of 2013 releases with the new Tera Melos album, X'ed Out, due this April. Check out their Bandcamp to listen to their new single "Tropic Lame" and pre-order the album. Check out another song scheduled to be on the album, "Slimed," below.

Born Ruffians - Birthmark (April 16, 2013)
Born Ruffians have just announced their follow up to 2010's Say It. Due out for an April 16th release, all we have to judge is the song "In Her Shadow" released on New Years Day. It is hard to tell the characteristics of the album, but it appears that it will be more mellow and much less sporadic than their EP or two full lengths. This doesn't mean it will by any means be boring as the Born Ruffians have never been synonymous with boring.   

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito (April 16, 2013)
This March it will have been four years since we've been graced by a Yeah Yeah Yeahs record. A lot has happened in that time. Reportedly, this outing will be a sonically raw album similar to that of Fever to Tell instead of their heavily electronic, expansive last album, It's Blitz. In my opinion, when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are at their rawest, they are at their most intriguing. Let's hope a single materializes soon.  

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