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Thursday, January 31

Vinnie the Intern #35: The Conversation of Album Covers

The question of "does an album cover matter?" tends comes up. To this question, I say"no, it doesn't." While I really appreciate album art it is not the be all, end all for an album.

If I had to choose a favorite album art, it would most likely be a three way tie between OK Computer, Kid A, and Pinkterton. These albums have served as backgrounds, screen savers, and posters. They encapsulate not only the feeling of the album, but the album's aesthetic. 

Radiohead - Kid A (2000)
Weezer - Pinkerton (1996)
Radiohead - OK Computer (1997)

A recent conversation I had with some friends entailed the newest Strokes album, Comedown Machine due out on March 26th on RCA. 
The Strokes - Comedown Machine (March 26th/RCA)
 While not the best cover art, I ask: was this done on purpose to give more of an emphasis on their music or a way to branch out of the fact that they ARE the Strokes? The Strokes must be tired of just being The Strokes. Being around for more than a decade, there have definitely been some preconceived notions with the aura of the band: indifference in vocals, great guitar leads, and a precise yet not flashy rhythm section. They have captured the essence of New York within a couple of great tunes. Still, I believe the album will speak for itself. Plain is not a bad thing in any way when the album has enough power to back it up. We shall see come March.

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