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Tuesday, February 5

Chris Darrow's "Artist Proof" - Pitchfork 8.2!!

Well, looky!

Drag City has a way with their lost/obscure/private press/diamond-in-the-rough reissues, let us tellya.  Their latest LP+CD/CD offering from Chris Darrow Artist Proof, is no exception. Pitchfork awarded this release an 8.2 review this very morn ~

"The phrase 'lost classic' gets attached to inessential reissues with such regularity that it hardly means anything anymore, but Artist Proof genuinely deserves the title. It's deeply satisfying, constantly rewarding, and I'm not entirely sure what I was doing before it came into my life."

And they go on ~

"Gram Parsons' influence looms large, as it did over every commingling of rock and country at the time. Darrow has the same laid back demeanor and enthusiasm for the kind of unabashedly twangy Bakersville country that was more often associated with shitkicking rednecks than longhairs. There's also some of Neil Young's effortlessly beautiful way with a melody, Townes Van Zandt's moodiness, and a funky hippy streak that seems equally indebted to to the Grateful Dead and the Band."

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