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Tuesday, February 12

Weekly new release sale @ saki!

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF! You can check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter, to find out which titles will be discounted. We'll choose 2-3 titles each week and they'll be discounted for their entire first week of release!

This week we're continuing the sale on the two new Grouper releases from Kranky and adding tUnE-yArDs' Yoko Ono cover/remix 10"!

tUnE-yArDs as Yoko 10"

Limited edition of 1,000 one-sided 10"s with etching on the flip side. tUnE-yArDs doing Yoko's "We're All Water" and remixing "Warrior Woman," with all proceeds to benefit charity!

Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill CD or LP

PITCHFORK 8.2!! Long out of print & now reissued on Kranky. LIZ HARRIS turns down the fuzz boxes which caged her sound & allows her voice to ring out above everything else a bit more than before. An album steeped in the world of dream-pop - a genre pioneered by the likes of Cocteau Twins & This Mortal Coil & far from shying away from the reference, Liz has instead grabbed on w/ both hands, creating an album's worth of perfect, left-field pop songs.

Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat CD or LP

PITCHFORK BEST NEW ALBUM 8.3! "The Man Who Died in His Boat" is an album of unreleased songs recorded alongside the "Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill" album. "This remarkable album is actually what I personally always wanted 4AD records to sound like, only they never quite delivered the hazy pleasures their beautiful sleeve art promised." - Pitchfork.

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