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Thursday, February 7

JACCO GARDNER "Cabinet of Curiosities" PITCHFORK 7.2

Well, looky!

Trouble In Mind flipped our wigs with the news of a debut LP/CD entitled Cabinet of Curiosities from Jacco Gardner this year, and judging by what we're seeing on orders from our accounts, uh, let's just say that SHIT BE BLOWIN' UP. Seriously, y'all. The album is already up on Pitchfork Advance. This is a wunderkind-of-a-fella to watch.

Pitchfork chimed in early (the release is out on February 12th) with a 7.2 review today ~

"Thematically speaking, Cabinet of Curiosities is all facade-- these are quaint stories approached with the tools of 1960s psychedelia. In order to pull off this sort of thing in 2013, it's on Gardner to create a soundscape strong enough to support his own airily fey material. And that's exactly what he does."

But they go on ~

"...it's the individual songs that make Cabinet worth the time. 'Puppets Dangling' obviously has more of Gardner's whimsical imagery in its lyrics and title, but it also has some incredible moments. As he transitions into the song's refrain, he doesn't ramp up the percussion; he lets loose a barrage of gorgeous, densely packed strings and synths. It's a beautiful section of one song, and Cabinet of Curiosities has several just like it. The album might exist in the wrong era, but throughout, those moments highlight Gardner's biggest strength-- he's a studio wizard."

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