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Thursday, March 28

Daryl Dixon's rock n' roll past

My current TV obsession has to be The Walking Dead, which will have its series three finale on Sunday.

In between each Sunday, I try and gather up any morsel of information I can about the best post-apocalyptic show ever. (I'm sure there are those who beg to differ, but let's continue.)

Last night I was looking at cast member profiles, and I learned something about everyone's favorite redneck with a heart of gold, Daryl Dixon (aka Norman Reedus.)

Not only is Reedus an accomplished painter, photographer, and sculptor, he's been in several feature films, most notably as the character Murphy McManus in The Boondock Saints. However, the best discovery about Reedus is that he's been in a few music videos, including some of my particular 90s favorites - Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" and Bjork's "Violently Happy."

I watched these two videos countless times in my youth, and it's a joy to know this tidbit.  See if you can spot him:

If you browse the comments section on both videos there are several mentions of Reedus. People love Daryl, it's mass hysteria. In the world of the Walking Dead, obviously no one is safe. I just hope that, given the fact that the character Daryl was written specifically for the show and was not in the comics, the writers will keep him on for as long as they can... or fans may turn into flesh eating zombies themselves! Case in point:

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