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Wednesday, March 20

Notes + Bolts: BIGCOLOUR lathe cut pre-order!

Pay attention! Notes + Bolts is offering up another exclusive pre-order for a limited (as-in limited to how many are pre-ordered) lathe cut. You have until the 27th to get your order in. Everything N+B does is special, but this one is extra special because it's BIGCOLOUR, and we fucking love this band! 

From the N+B pre-order page (where you can also check out the track on the lathe): 

BIGCOLOUR have been blowing our minds ever since Jake Acosta from Teen River passed a copy of the tape he put out for them onto us. These dudes (and now, dudette) craft ramshackle and lo-fi pop songs that are loud and joyous and absolutely brilliant. This track is no exception, and stands as a highlight in their small but fantastic discography.

*Chandeliers lathe cut pictured, because the BIGCOLOUR one doesn't exist yet. You get the idea!*

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