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Tuesday, March 26

saki newsletter 3/26/13!

Well, we had a hell of a weekend! If you came out for our in-store with Passerines and Clearance, our show at The Burlington with Zelienople, Radere and petal, or our very first saki University event with Gaslight Coffee and The Recyclery we'd like to say THANK YOU and YOU'RE WELCOME. We had so much fun and we hope you did too! If you haven't done it yet, go download Zelienople's Epitonic saki Session. It's definitely one of the best!

We'll keep it going this week with another Punch Up at Lincoln Hall. This time we'll be watching Cocktail and Road House, two 80's movies about bartenders. Sound stupid? It is! That's why we've got the cast and writers of The Late Live Show coming along to heckle both movies for you. If you haven't  come out for a Punch Up yet, you don't know what you're missing! It's a free movie at a great venue with some of Chicago's funniest folks there to talk over all the bad parts!

This Friday is the last Friday of the month and that means it's time for Creative Control at saki! Ol' Joe McAdam is coming back around with his ragtag bunch of stand up comics to say funny things at you. See how we tried to be funny just now? We're not good at it, but The Puterbaugh Sisters, Dan Ronan, Nate Simmons, Lane Pieschel, Ray Holleb and Chris Stephens are!

On Saturday, we've invited Joe McAdam back for a live recording of his music podcast, Revolutions Per Minute! Joe hosts the show with his friend, and fellow Chicago comic, Nick Rouley who you may remember as "Dr. Nicholas Chicken" from one of our very first Creative Controls! Clearly when these guys get together it's pure gold and/or lightning in a bottle - or perhaps it's just two dudes acting like their fingers are made of chicken. WHO KNOWS!

Coming in April we've got the official opening for Paul Richardson and Mary Rothlisberger's art installment at saki, MORE LIKE AN OCEAN, our completely ridiculous Jerry Maguire-themed celebration with Everything Is Terrible, Show Me The Jerrys and another Off The Record listening party, this time with Implodes new record Recurring Dream!

We'd also like to add a special announcement here: we finally received stock on our Concatenating Pedals cassette! You may recall that Concatenating Pedals was a live and interactive ambient/noise show that we put on last summer in association with Glad Cloud. We invited notable artists including Colin Blanton, Ian Ferguson, Tim Kinsella, Jonathan Krohn, Jordan Martins, Todd Mattei, Ben Mjolsness, Dan Mohr, Jason Shanley and Sam Wagster to play some music while the audience members were encouraged to manipulate their output via several stations of effects pedals. The show was recorded and mixed by Dan Goldberg. 

Now we have the physical tapes with artwork by Kriss Stress from Notes + Bolts! You can hear the entire tape over at saki's Soundcloud. Pick up a tape for $5 at sakistore.net or at the shop today!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, March 27th @ 7pm

The Punch Up @ Lincoln Hall feat. The Late Live Show heckling Cocktail and Road House! 

Friday, March 29th @ 8pm

Creative Control w/ Joe McAdam! 

Saturday, March 30th @ 7pm

RPM Live podcast taping! 

Friday, April 5th @ 6pm

Opening reception of MORE LIKE AN OCEAN: Windshowers by Paul Richardson and Mary Rothlisberger! 

Saturday, April 6th @ 7pm

Show Me The Jerrys: a benefit gala for Everything Is Terrible's 5,000th Jerry! 

Friday, April 12th @ 7pm

Off The Record: a listening party for Implodes' 'Recurring Dream'!

New releases @ saki 3/26/13:

Concatenating Pedals cassette (record live at saki last year!)

Black Bug "Reflecting The Light" CD
Crime and the City Solution "American Twilight" CD and LP
Georgiana Starlington "Paper Moon" CD
Robin Guthrie "Fortune" LP
Hum "You'd Prefer An Astronaut" LP
My Gold Mask "Leave Me Midnight" LP
The Strokes "Comedown Machine" CD and LP
Wavves "Afraid of Heights" LP
Wild Belle "Isles" LP
Wire "Change Becomes Us" CD

As always, don't forget about the weekly new release sale at saki and these new and upcoming featured releases from saki/CTD!

Ride Your Heart cover art
  Bleached    Ride Your Heart
Label:  Dead Oceans 
Format:  CD 
Catalog Number:  doc082cd 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 
STREET DATE 4/2. Sisters Jennifer & Jessie Clavin match their ability to blend a mix of freewheeling '77 punk w/ vintage sunny Southern California melodic rock & roll; creating blindingly bright hooks & dark heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, & the crazy fun moments in between. NO CANADA/NO EXPORT 

In The Corners cover art
  Francisco The Man    In The Corners
Label:  Small Plates 
Format:  7" 
Catalog Number:  smpl015 
Release Date:  March 19, 2013 
Locomotive Crazy Horse jams w/ squalling feedback, the punky spirit of 1977 NY, sunburnt shoegaze hymnals, & chunky Motown grooves, all saturated in the rose-hued California powerpop surf, a mix of Big Star & The Beach Boys. Ltd to 500 on Coke Bottle green vinyl 

Recurring Dream cover art
  Implodes    Recurring Dream
Label:  kranky 
Format:  CD 
Catalog Number:  krank174cd 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 
04/02 STREET DATE. With their new album, "Recurring Dream", Implodes breathes fresh air. Melodies that were once distant echoes are now suffused with energy & clarity of purpose, submerged rhythms now walk in the light of day. Implodes does not, however, eschew its heritage. Heaviness abounds. The band has not abandoned the crushing pressure of the deep, dark places. But "Recurring Dream" breaches the thin membrane that contained its previous efforts and preys unmolested in its new environment. NO EXPORT TO EU/UK 

Recurring Dream cover art
  Implodes    Recurring Dream
Label:  kranky 
Format:  LP 
Catalog Number:  krank174lp 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 
04/02 STREET DATE. VINYL VERSION. There has always been an organic component to Implodes' music, & not just because the band is comprised of humans. Its music is tied to those very earliest of our sonic traditions, to the sounds of Earth & space & deep water & simple machines. "Recurring Dream" is about waking up in the dark & witnessing the slow birth of consciousness, still tethered to fantasies & nightmares, & walking into the unknown. NO EXPORT TO EU/UK 

In The Fishtank 6 cover art
  June of 44    In The Fishtank 6
Label:  Fishtank 
Format:  CD 
Catalog Number:  fish006cd 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 
**EXCLUSIVE!! 04/02 STREET DATE. NOTE UPDATED PRICING & UPC! CD VERSION returning to the world of the living! For the 6th installment of Konkurrent's "In The Fishtank" series, June of 44 kept going, whether it was night or day, combining adventurous rock with experimental jazzy musicality, experiencing the studio as a bunker: an old organ, a tube radio-set that had been lying around, even sound engineer Zlaya was incorporated to generate some tones for the release. NO EXPORT TO EU/UK 

Frozen Altars cover art
  Moonrises    Frozen Altars
Label:  Captcha 
Format:  LP 
Catalog Number:  hbsp2x038lp 
Release Date:  February 26, 2013 
The brainchild of PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE (AKA STEVE KRAKOW), Libby Ramer & Ben Billington. Sophomore avant-spychedelic release. Experience intense flashbacks of 1960's British psych & 70's Krautrock. Envision the sounds of the Soft machine, The Dead C. & This Heat trapped in a droned-out noise chamber. Ltd to 500 

Concatentating Pedals cover art
  saki ensemble    Concatentating Pedals
Label:  saki records 
Format:  MC 
Catalog Number:  sakirex002cas 
AVAILABLE NOW! EXCLUSIVE. The music found herein was created on June 30th, 2012 by saki employees, customers and friends in collaboration with Glad Cloud and some of Chicago's finest experimental and ambient musicians. Noteable artists involved include Colin Blanton, Ian Ferguson, Tim Kinsella, Jonathan Krohn, Jordan Martins, Todd Mattei, Ben Mjolsness, Dan Mohr, Jason Shanley, Sam Wagster, Mark Jumper, Matt Byrne, Erin Coleman and Matt Irizarry. Recorded and mixed by Dan Goldberg. Artwork by Kriss Stress from Notes + Bolts! 

Dormarion cover art
  Telekinesis    Dormarion
Label:  Merge 
Format:  CD 
Catalog Number:  mrg444cd 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 

Dormarion cover art
  Telekinesis    Dormarion
Label:  Merge 
Format:  LP 
Catalog Number:  mrg444lp 
Release Date:  April 02, 2013 

If you are interested in our exclusives please check out our list of exclusively distributed labels. Good stuff, cheap and available a week before other online retailers!

Thanks for your interest, direct any questions, comments, accolades, or complaints to info@sakistore.net!

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