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Monday, April 29

Pan•American "Cloud Room, Glass Room" PITCHFORK 7.1

Check out the big brains and their words:

"Like most of the material Nelson has released over the years, the primary takeaway from Cloud Room is a notion of the control he exercises over his work no matter where it takes him. He can work around the white-light loops that flicker through understated pieces like 'Glass Room at the Airport', or he can amass a towering stack of splintery discordance on 'Laurel South'. But there's always a sense of an assured hand guiding it all, bringing each part together to serve the greater whole. Even his wilder guitar pieces never reach the point where it feels like he's letting go and there's a sense of order being maintained, of advances being carefully spun through a strict framework. It feels good to be back here again, in a place that's become increasingly rare, but one flushed with a warm feeling of familiarity."

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