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Monday, May 20

Scout Niblett "It's Up To Emma" Pitchfork 7.6

Well, looky:

Check out what they said regarding Scout's new masterpiece ~

"Niblett does a masterful and most uncanny thing-- she turns us. She splays the guts of the matter, nuancing the petulant need and baby-why'd-you-go as it reconciles into something softer. By the end it's hard not to find resonance with it, even if you've never been a Heathcliff mewling on the moors."

"There are fits of strings and percussion throughout that force things forward, but Emma mostly stays in the same place, these tense few chords repeating, with a spindly little note run or lead here, a little e-bow there. There's this drag to it, though; the down-tuned rumble of her unadorned guitar tone anchors the feeling that there is no escape, its stasis mirroring the album's relentless obsession."

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