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Wednesday, May 1

Daniel Knox and John Atwood present "14, 15, 111" at Intuit Gallery

Composer/songwriter Daniel Knox and photographer John Atwood will premiere the first two installments of their new work 14 15 111 at Intuit: the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art on Thursday, May 2 and Friday May 3, 2013.

14 15 111 is a suite of music combining live instruments (synth, voice, percussion, two tubas, electric bass, violin, cello and a choir), pre-recorded material, and field recordings (featuring excerpts from Knox’s work with The Pushkin Theater in Moscow in 2012), all set to color video projection of footage shot by Atwood.

The piece was written through circular influence: images provoking music provoking images and so on through many edits and developments.  The final result exhibits both Knox and Atwood pushing the boundaries of their respective mediums and previous work.

Seating is limited, so purchase your tickets here. 

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