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Wednesday, June 19

Once In A Lifetime: Cyber Seduction is TONIGHT at Lincoln Hall!

Join saki and Everything Is Terrible at Lincoln Hall tonight for Once In A Lifetime - a screening of Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, a terrible "Lifetime" (get it, Once In A Lifetime...) movie about a teenage boy who likes to look at internet porn and for some reason the people around him think there's something wrong with that. We don't get it either, but some of Chicago's best comics, Dan Friesen, Megan Gailey, and Marty DeRosa, will be there to make fun of the absurdity of the whole thing for our amusement.

This is pretty similar to the Punch Up shows we've done at Lincoln Hall in the past. If you liked those, you'll love this!

We'll see you at Lincoln Hall tonight at 8pm!

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  1. Bummed I missed this, bet it was hilarious. Leather = twisted!


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