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Monday, June 17

Royal Trux "3 Song EP" Pitchfork 8.0

Trux forever, haters whatever!

The venerable institution known as Royal Trux received an 8.0 review on Pitchfork today for their Drag City 12" / CD EP not-so-complicatingly-titled 3 Song EP.  

"....more just than hip a new generation to this eternally enigmatic, eminently influential band (Deerhunter’s Monomania being just the last album to mainline their scuzz-rock steez), the fat-free reissues speak to Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Heremma’s treatment of the album as a self-contained, vacuum-sealed unit, each with its own distinct themes, theoretical approaches, sonic signatures, and supporting casts of players."

"Where Accelerator tweaked the treble and distortion to equilibrium-imbalancing extremes, 3-Song EP emphasizes the Trux’s mastery of rhythm, groove, and freak flag-flying jams."

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