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Tuesday, June 4

saki newsletter 6/4/13!

I'd like to start with a little fair warning: if you come to saki in the next month, you will hear a lot of dick jokes... especially tomorrow night. Our friend, and Chicago comic, Chris Stephens is hosting a new show at saki called The Original Dings of Dongedy! If you haven't figured it out by now, that's an all dick joke revue. We think it's going to be terrible but in a very funny way. You should come see this train wreck!

On Friday, we have the opening reception for our June artist, Emily Haasch! Emily is giving us the honor of showcasing some of her new work at saki. Take the opportunity to meet the artist, grab some little snacky snacks and maybe a little wine on our tab. Divino Nino will be playing a live set as well.

On Sunday, we're hosting a few in-store performances from Old Town School instructors to promote their summer classes. Each class will be limited to a few weeks and focuses on a specific artist or record. Charles Kim and Lisa DeRosia will be here to play a few songs from XTC, School House Rock, and Burt "m-----fuggin'" Bacharach!

After that, on June 15th, we've got another installment of our Off The Record series with none other than the legendary Man... or Astro-Man! The band will play a few songs live and we'll have some free food and DJ sets from Chunklet DJs Adam Reach and Ben Johnson! Some would say that Off The Record thing is the coolest thing we've done at saki. We'd argue that, but only a little. We've done plenty of other cool stuff too!

We'll finish the month out with another Senorita Weiner's event saki (in keeping with our June "dick joke" theme) and a few Epitonic saki Sessions from Sewingneedle, The New Diet, and Hospital Ships!

Let's here it for June, people! It's going to be a wild ride!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, June 5th @ 7pm
Chris Stephens presents: The Original Dings of Dongedy!

Friday, June 7th @ 6pm
Opening reception of Potential Difference: New Works by Emily Haasch!

Sunday, June 9th @ 4pm
Old Town School Summer Class Showcase with performances by Charles Kim and Lisa DeRosia with Cathy Norden!

Saturday, June 15th @ 3pm
Off The Record with Man or Astro-Man's 'Defcon 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Tuesday, June 18th @ 7:30pm
Senorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment and Ice Cream Social Club returns to saki!

Saturday, June 22nd @ 4pm
Epitonic saki Session with Sewingneedle and The New Diet!

Thursday, June 27th @ 6pm
Epitonic saki Session with Hospital Ships!

New releases @ saki 6/4/13:

Don't forget about our weekly new release sale! Pick up At the Drive-In, Verma, Proto Idiot and Mirrorism for 20% off!

Albert Swarm - "Wake" LP
At The Drive In - "Acrobatic Tenement" LP (re-issue)
Bevel - "Twin Knowledge" LP
Harold Budd - "Jane 1-11" CD
Miles Davis - "Milestones/Someday My Prince.../'Round About Midnight" LP (mono re-issues)
Eleanor Friedberger - "Personal Record" CD/LP
Future Bible Heroes "Memories Of Love, Eternal Youth" LP/CD
King Bullard Version - Song of the BOS Label LP
Mad Season - "Above" LP (re-issue)
Mirrorism - "Night Flight/ Exit The Loop" 7"
Naam - "Vow" LP/CD
Shuggie Otis "Introducing" LP (re-issue)
Photon Band - "Pure Photonic Matter" LP
Proto Idiot - You're Wrong/ You Can't Hide
PVT - "Vertigo" LP
Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork LP/CD
Sixth Station - "Deep Night" LP (Numero re-issue)
Bam Spacey "Land" LP
Splashh - "Comfort" CD/LP
Talking Heads - "Speaking In Tongues" LP (re-issue)
V/A - "King Bullard Version: Songs Of The BOS Label" LP
V/A - "Country Soul Sisters" LP
Verma - "Coltan" LP
Young Athletes League - "We Only Feed Ourselves" LP

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