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Thursday, June 27

The Ex & Brass Unbound / Pitchfork 8.1

The Dutch. They always do it better than we do. No matter what "it" actually is.  30 + year vets The Ex teamed with Brass Unbound for their latest LP/CD release Enormous Door, and Pitchfork weighed in on said release today with an 8.1 review.  

"The list of punk bands that are significantly more awesome 33 years into their career than two years into it is very, very short. So is the list of bands that can get away with replacing everybody except one (non-singing) member. Fortunately for remarkable Dutch band the Ex, they're much more interested in expanding the horizons of their music than they are in repeating their past: they've generally discarded their entire old repertoire whenever their line-up has changed. And Enormous Door is an acrobatic, ferocious record, a welcome burst of electric noise and squealing horns from a group whose power and flexibility keep growing with time."

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