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Saturday, June 22

Tyler Jon Tyler "Loyal Caskets" 7"

File this under: Kind of Sad, but Kind of Cool. One of our favorite Chicago bands, Tyler Jon Tyler called it quits a while ago. Before they did, they had a new 7" planned on Slow Fizz Records. Before the record came out, the label dissolved as well. So, now the band has a whole bunch of these 7"s but no shows to sell them at and no label to distribute them!

We got a couple of copies from the band, so if you have fond memories of Tyler Jon Tyler, come grab one on the cheap! They were a great band, and Slow Fizz was an awesome label while it lasted. Keep an eye out for Tom and Rebecca's new project too.

For now, check out the video trailer the band made for the a-side, 'Loyal Caskets.'

Loyal Caskets from Tyler Jon Tyler on Vimeo.

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