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Monday, August 5

Demdike Stare / Stave / Duane Pitre / DJ Karl Meier

As most of you already know, we're huge fans of Demdike Stare 'round these parts - their recent "Test Pressing" series on Modern Love is absolutely unmissable, and Miles Whittaker's solo releases from this year ("Faint Hearted" and "Unsecure") are equally incredible. If you, like us, gravitate towards Demdike Stare's brand of dark, brooding atmospherics and punishing machine rhythms, we highly recommend the new album by Stave, out on FSS this week.  Seven tracks of hypnotic, industrial-tinged electronics, chrome-plated and designed to pulverize and mesmerize in equal measure.

Demdike Stare + Stave will be performing alongside Duane Pitre + DJ Karl Meier this Saturday, 8/10 @ The Empty Bottle - hope to see you there!!!

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