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Tuesday, August 20

New Releases @ saki 8/20!!!

Aquarelle "August Undone" LP
Julianna Barwick "Nepenthe" LP/CD
Bill Callahan "Expanding Dub" 12" LP
Andrew Cedermark "Home Life" LP
Al Cisneros (of Om) "Ark Procession" 10"
Crocodiles "Crimes Of Passion" LP
Destruction Unit "Deep Trip" LP
Diana "Perpetual Surrender" LP
Fleetwood Mac "1969 - 1972" LP BOX SET
Eddie Gale "Black Rhythm Happening" LP (4 Men W/Beards re-issue)
Eddie Gale "Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music" LP (4 Men W/Beards re-issue)
M. Geddes Gengras "Collected Works Vol. 1" LP
Danny Paul Grody "Between Two Worlds" LP
Julia Holter "Loud City Song" LP
Mountains "S/T" LP (re-issue)
No Age "An Object" LP/CD
Octopus Project "Fever Forms" LP
Porcelain Raft "Permanent Signal" LP
Rokk "I Want To Live High" LP
Scorched Earth Policy "Going Thru The Hole..." LP
Ty Segall "Sleeper" LP/CAS/CD
Shigeto "No Better Time Than Now" LP
Superchunk "I Hate Music" LP/CD/DELUXE LP
Telekinesis "S/T" LP (1st time on vinyl!!)
Their/They're/There "S/T" LP/CD
Urinials "Negative Capability" LP
Venom P. Stinger "86-91" CD
Venom P. Stinger "Meet My Friend Venom" LP
Venom P. Stinger "Waiting Room" LP (re-issue)
Venom P. Stinger "What's Yours Is Mine" LP (re-issue)
White Hills "So You Are..." LP
Zola Jesus "Versions" LP/CD (JG "Foetus" Thirlwell orchestrations)

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