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Tuesday, November 26

saki newsletter 11/26/13!

Oh my God, did you guys see the snow!? It snowed, you guys! Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Freak Happening! Thanks to everyone who came out this past Friday. We think that was one of the best Freak Happenings yet AND we raised some good money for Team Rubicon! There won't be a show in December, but we're going to double it up in January to make up for it. We'll see you then!

TONIGHT we have another Once In A Lifetime at Lincoln Hall! Everything Is Terrible really came through with a good'un this time. She's Too Young is a real Lifetime whirlwind of teen peer pressure and syphilis that you do NOT want to miss! Christina Boucher, Natalie Jose and Marlena Rodriquez will be providing running commentary on what is sure to be an awful, awful movie. Oh, and Lincoln Hall has stocked up on cheap white wine for the $3 spritzer special. Cool moms look no further than Lincoln Hall tonight!

Nothing big happening at saki this weekend, but Nathan Vernau's show, 'Figure Out' is coming down on Sunday so come in and check it out if you haven't already!

We'll be coming back strong the following week with December's art opening, a party with Rookie magazine, and TWO very special Off The Records the following week! December is lookin' pretty alright, folks!

Want to get some of this information again, but in video format? Well, we've got a YouTube video for that! Enjoy the saki vlogcastisode! Apologies for the poor audio and disappearing cast members. This one was a bit of a rush job. 


Upcoming events:

Tuesday, November 26th, 8pm @ Lincoln Hall 

saki and Everything Is Terrible present Once In A Lifetime: She's Too Young! 

Friday, December 6th @ 6pm 

Opening reception of MsPerception - Leave Your Judgements at the Door: photography by Arnold Klein! 

Saturday, December 7th @ 6pm 

Rookie + Drawn and Quarterly celebrate Rookie Yearbook Two w/ special guests TBA! 

Wednesday, December 18th, 8pm @ Lincoln Hall 
saki and Everything Is Terrible present Once In A Lifetime: Co-Ed Call Girl!

New releases:

Aanipaa "Through A Pre-Memory" LP (Stephen O'Malley/Mika Vainio collaboration)

Beachwood Sparks "Desert Skies" LP/CD
Harold Budd "The Serpent (In Quicksilver)" + "Abandoned Cities" LP (re-issues)
John Carpenter "Halloween OST" LP (1st time on vinyl!!!)
Cheap Time "Exit Smiles" CD
Destroyer "Five Spanish Songs" CD/LP
Fanfarlo "The Sea" LP
Fireworks "Runaround" 7"
The Gist "Embrace The Herd" LP
Lee Hazlewood "There's A Dream I've Been Saving 1966-1971" LP BOX
Getatchew Mekuria + The Ex + Friends "Y'Anbessaw Tezeta" LP
Kevin Morby "Harlem River" LP
Phill Niblock "Nothin To Look At Just A Record" LP (re-issue)
Andy Partridge/Harold Budd "Through The Hill" LP
Gabriel Saloman "Soldier's Requiem" LP/CD
Soundgarden "Screaming Life/Fopp" CD/LP (re-issue)
Stereolab "Cobra + Phases Group Play Voltage..." + "Sound-Dust" LP (re-issues)
The Stevens "A History Of Hygiene" LP/CD
The Thing "Boot!" LP
Tindersticks "Les Salauds OST" LP
Toe "Songs, Ideas We Forgot" LP
V/A "I Need You Bad" LP (compilation of California-based garage bands)
V/A "Punk 45: 1973-1980" CD/LP (Soul Jazz compilation)
Peter Walker "Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms?" LP

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