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Tuesday, December 17

New releases @ saki 12/17!!!

Aquariana "S/T" LP
Burial "Rival Dealer" CD/12"
Corrections House "Last City Zero" LP
Danny + The Darleans "Stink" LP
The Durutti Column "The Return Of..." LP (Darla reissue)
Fake Limbs "The Power Of Patrician Upbringing" LP
Fuchs/Heeman/Van Luijk "Macchia Forest" LP
David Grubbs "Borough Of Broken Umbrellas" 10"
Heeman/Long "Would You Like To Know More?" LP
Howling Hex "All Night Fox" LP
The Jesus Lizard "Book" (Deluxe Version) BOOK
Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea" LP (reissue)
Stave "Remix 12" LP
Tuxedomoon "No Tears" + "Scream With A View" LP (Superior Viaduct reissues)
Yellow River Boys "Urinal St. Station" LP

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