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Wednesday, December 18

Once in a Lifetime: Co-Ed Call Girl-- TONIGHT!!!

Once in a Lifetime, a comedy show/movie night presented by saki and Everything is Terrible, celebrates the horrifying world of Lifetime Original Movies. Each month, some of our favorite comedians will provide commentary over the screening of a made-for-Lifetime movie.

This month, Katie McVay, Kristin Clifford, and Andy Fleming goof on Co-Ed Call Girl!

Lifetime staple Tori Spelling accidentally stumbles into sex work in Co-Ed Call Girl (1996). Bookish Joanna (Spelling) is kind of a buzzkill, so her roommates prank her by giving her number to an escort service. One bangin’ party at a Malibu beach house later, and Joanna finds herself “dating” older men for money. But all the Versace and lipliner in the world can’t conceal Joanna’s shame...

In addition to other food and drink specials, Lincoln Hall will, once again, be running the wildly popular $3 white wine spritzer special for all you cool moms out there!

Tonight, Wednesday December 18th
Lincoln Hall

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