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Tuesday, February 4

saki newsletter 2/4/14!

Well, well, well, here we are again. Another fine weekend of comedy and music in the books, and yet we don't feel any funnier, or musically talented. Fortunately, we had plenty of people who are both of those things in the store this past weekend! 

We'd like to thank Nick and Goodrich for hosting what was definitively the best fake comedy college we've ever had in saki. If we had the power we'd bestow them both with honorary degrees in goofballhood and male nudity. We also owe a huge thanks to Holyoak, Jon Lindsay and Chris Mills for a lovely Sunday afternoon in-store on Sunday. It's always nice to hear our dinky old piano be put to use by such capable hands.

Hey, we've got news for you! The fun doesn't stop there. We've got an art opening AND an in-store/record release party this weekend! Join us on Friday for the opening of Liz Born and Gabe Hoare's show 'Double Dip' with a live set by the band Marrow! Then, on Saturday, we're celebrating Tim Larson's new record 'Vargar' with a release party featuring live sets by Tim and Transmontane!

Now if you've just read all of that, please enjoy it again in video form with the vlogcastisode! Do you guys watch these? Are we just rambling into an abyss? Let us know with a tweet, Facebook post, Instagram of you and your cat watching it, e-mail, video response or any other form of modern communication (spapchats not accepted)!

Upcoming events:

Friday, February 7th @ 7pm
Opening reception of 'Double Dip' new work by Liz Born and Gabe Hoare!

Saturday, February 8th @ 4pm
In-store and record release party with Tim Larson and Transmontane!

Friday, February 28th @ 7:30pm
Freak Happening with Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart!

New releases:

Don't forget to check out the weekly new release sale! Pick up Marissa Nadler, Nomeansno, and The Big Ship for 20% off this week!

+/- "Jumping The Tracks" LP
Big Ship "A Circle Is Forever" LP
BrainF= "Sleep Rough" LP
Broken Bells "After The Disco" LP
Broken Prayer "S/T" LP
Broncho "It's On" 7"
Demdike Stare "Tryptych" 3xCD & "Elemental" 2xCD (re-issues)
Future Islands "Seasons (Waiting On You)" 7"
Gardens & Villa "Dunes" LP
Have A Nice Life "The Unnatural World" LP
The Love Triangle "Clever Clever" LP
Mark McGuire "Along The Way" LP
Marissa Nadler "July" LP
Nomeansno "In The Fishtank" LP (re-issue)
The Pop Rivets "Fun In The U.K." LP (re-issue)
Prolife "Overheated" 7"
Pye Corner Audio "Black Mill Tapes 3&4" LP
Rough Kids "The State I'm In" LP
Rulet Rusa "Aqui No Es" LP
Shoes This High "Straight To Hell" LP
Andy Stott "Passed Me By / We Stay Together" 2xCD (re-issue)
Tower Of Light "S/T" LP
The Traps "Boom Pow Awesome Now" LP
V/A "The 78 Project" LP
Juan Wauters "NAP: North American Poetry" LP
Whatever Brains "S/T" LPS
Xiu Xiu "Angel Guts: Red Classroom" LP

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