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Tuesday, March 11

saki newsletter 3/11/14!

Well, we had a more eventful weekend than we've had a for a while! Thanks to Sima Cunningham, The Kelson Twins, Mike Lebovitz and Junior Stopka, and all the other comics who went up for Senorita Weiner's! We think everyone who came out Sunday learned a nice lesson about how heckling comics (as well-intentioned as it may be) is never a good idea, and the comics will use that stage and microphone to make you feel like a dummy... you dummy.

Things are going to slow down for a while, until the next Freak Happening on the 28th because, let's face it, winter ain't over yet. Come out in the meantime and dig into our recent used vinyl arrivals. We've been putting out new stuff for the past week, including LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk, Chromatics and more!

In this week's vlogcastisode we do pretty much the same thing we do every week, but we say a very awkward goodbye to our pal, Tricia. We also had to use a different camera and mic, so apologies for the quality of this week's video. But hey, it's free and you don't HAVE to watch it, so just enjoy it, ya jerk. Happy Vlogcastisode!


Upcoming events:

Friday, March 28th @ 7:30pm
Freak Happening with Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart!

Friday, April 4th @ 6pm
LandLand opening reception!

Friday, April 11th, 8pm @ Comfort Station
Once In A Lifetime: Fifteen and Pregnant! Presented by saki, Everything Is Terrible and Comfort Station!

New releases:

Get Black Hat, Ono, and Casimer and Casimir for 20% off this week, as part of our weekly new release sale!

Black Hat - Thought of Two CD and LP
Casimer and Casimir - O Sweet Joe Pye 7"
Ono - Diegesis cassette and LP
Dwarves - Must Die LP
The Ex - How Thick You Think 7"
The Shrine - Bless Off LP
Phantogram - Voices LP

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