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Tuesday, March 25

saki newsletter 3/25/14!

Well, well, well, here we are again - another week, another saki newsletter. Are you guys sick of us talking about records? We're not going to stop. We could do this until the cows come home. No one ever talks about where the cows went in the first place though... MAYBE they went to Schubas last night to see Fenster, Sunjacket and Thin Hymns! We didn't see them there, but MAYBE. Either way, we had a great time and we'd like to thank all you non-cows for coming.

We'll keep the good times rolling this Friday at the store with Freak Happening. The guys are getting godly this month with Freak Happening presents Holy Haas with Brothers Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart! There will be guest sermons by Rabbi Liza Treyger Father Matty Ryan Archbishop Jeff Steinbrunner, among others church-type things!

Next week we have the opening reception of LandLand's art show 'Chicago Hi We're LandLand!' We'll have more details on that for you coming soon, and mark your calendars now for the return of Once In A Lifetime (now at Comfort Station) on April 11th!

Hey! The vlogcastisode is back! This week we're talking Fenster, Sunjacket (Tricia's band!) Thin Hymns, Owls, Liars and Future Islands, among other awesome things. Enjoy!

Upcoming events:

Friday, March 28th @ 7:30pm
Freak Happening presents Holy Hahas with Brothers Nick Rouley and Goodrich Gevaart!

April 4th @ 6pm
Chicago Hi We're LandLand opening reception!

Friday, April 11th, 8pm at Comfort Station One In A Lifetime: Fifteen and Pregnant! Presented by saki, Everything Is Terrible, and Comfort Station!

New releases:

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF for their entire first week of release!

This week we're offering Future Islands, Liars and Owls for 20% off!

Future Islands - Singles CD and LP

Baltimore trio consisting of enigmatic frontman Sam Herring, bassist/ guitarist William Cashion and keyboardist/guitarist/programmer Gerrit Welmers. Herring’s poetic tales of heartbreak, love and loss are finally up front and in high fidelity, thanks in part to a newfound creative partnership with producer Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear).

*** We have not received our Liars shipment yet! When they arrive they will be 20% off ***

Liars - Mess CD and LP

The follow up to 2012's WIXIW is an angry, ecstatic, primal burst of ritualistic synth-rock that sacrifices self persecution for potent, purposeful abandon. Liars' career has seen the band rattle through pigeonholes in an attempt to avoid them all together.

Owls - Two CD and LP

Long awaited sophomore album from CAP'N JAZZ founders. Though sonically their technique still has the ability to dazzle, age and experience have lent new perspectives to the band's songwriting - making their songs more aggressive and direct, but certainly no less captivating.

American Anthology of Folk Music Vols. 1-4 LPs
Bardo Pond - Refulgo LP reissue
Bardo Pond - Shone Like A Ton LP reissue
Baseball Project - 3rd LP
Chicago Underground Duo - Locus LP
Ego (formerly Massive Ego) - S/T cassette
The Faint - Doom Abuse LP
Flyying Colours 12" EP
Future Islands - Singles CD, LP and cassette
Golden Retriever - Seer LP
Good Willsmith - Honeymoon Workbook LP
Hollow Mountain - Demo 2012 cassette
Horseback - Piedmont Apocrypha LP
House of Love - S/T LP reissue
House Sounds - !? (Interrobang) cassette
Howler - World of Joy LP
JJ Doom - Bookhead 12" EP
Liars - Mess CD and LP
Lower - Walk On Heads 7"
Massive Ego - Don't LP
Owls - Two CD and LP
Jon Porras - Light Divide LP
Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron LP
Spinal Tap - This Is Spinal Tap LP
Thunders - Weird Spines White Trash Whatever LP
¡Vamos! - Midwaste cassette

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