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Tuesday, April 8

saki newsletter 4/8/14!

This is the calm before the storm, guys! By next week we'll be in full Record Store Day meltdown mode and there's no way that it won't come through in our newsletter, so enjoy this one. In fact, it might event start before we finish this newsletter. We'll see!

Anyway, we had a super fun time this past weekend with Landland's opening on Friday. A lot of our old screen printer friends came out to say hi and we were all treated to a live set by Sonnenzimmer's Nick Butcher! Fun, fun stuff! You can come check out Landland's work all this month. They're very affordably priced so treat yourself to one or two.

We're keeping the fun going this weekend with Once In A Lifetime (now at Comfort Station)! We're watching the Kirsten Dunst classic 'Fifteen and Pregnant' with Candy Lawrence, Katie McVay and Natalie Jose doing goof-em-ups! It's... gonna... be... great!

We also have a pair of tickets to give away for Dean Wareham's solo show at 7pm on Friday night at the Old Town School! You're all cray-cray for letting those go unclaimed for this long. Seriously, get it together.

Did you hear about our Record Store Day in-store marathon presented by BV Chicago!? You can read all about it, and everything else that's going on at saki on April 19th, 2014 HERE. We'll be adding more info regularly in the next week and a half, so keep checking back! For now just marvel at the awesomeness of that in-store marathon lineup.

In this week's vlogcatisode we hear some Protomartyr and Handsome Family while making weird noises with our mouths and such. It's fun! Right?? Please tell us it's fun... we need the validation.

Upcoming events:

Friday, April 11th, 8pm at Comfort Station 
Once In A Lifetime: Fifteen and Pregnant! Presented by saki, Everything Is Terrible, and Comfort Station!

Saturday, April 19th 9am to 8pm 
Record Store Day featuring an in-store marathon presented by BV Chicago!

Friday, May 2nd @ 6pm 
John Atwood Photography opening reception!

New releases:

"Anthology of American Folk Music" Vols. 1-4 (wooden box set) LPs
Aries "Mermelada Dorada" LP
Christopher Bissonette "Essays In Idleness" LP
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Requiem (For Violin + Magnetic Tape)" 10"
Denney Y Los Jets "Mexican Coke" LP
Diarrhea Planet "Yama-Uba" 7"
EMA "The Future's Void" LP/CS/CD
Faint - Doom Abuse CD
Lilacs + Champagne "Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene" LP
Man Forever w/ So Percussion "Ryonen" LP
Mawrcrest "Never Seen" CD
Off! "Wasted Years" LP
Nina Persson "Animal Heart" LP
Protomartyr "Under Color Of Official Right" LP/CD
Ratking "So It Goes" LP
Screaming Females "Live at the Hideout" CD (LPs delayed)
The Skull Defekts "Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown" LP/CD
Sleepyhead "Wild Sometimes" CD
Sohn "Tremors" LP
Split Single "Fragmented World" CD
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks "Enter The Slasher House" LP
Todd Terje "It's Album Time" LP/CD
Trans Am "The Surveillance" + "Futureworld" LP (reissues)
Tweens "S/T" LP
Tom Ze "Brazil 5: The Return O Tom Ze" LP

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