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Wednesday, May 7

Weekly new release sale!

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF! You can check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter, to find out which titles will be discounted. We'll choose 2-3 titles each week and they'll be discounted for their entire first week of release!

This week we're offering Silkworm, Jeffertiti's Nile and Sleepyhead for 20% off!

Silkworm - Libertine LP reissue

Deluxe reissue of their 1994 LP, the 3rd and final full length record as a quartet. Double LP w/ bonus CD. Triple-threat songwriting, 2 cagey guitars circling the drain but never going under, a bassist whose axe looks like an oar and sounds like the metal cable of a suspension bridge, anchored by a drummer clad in little more than gardening gloves whose kick drum is the oversized kind favored by marching bands. All in all, a combination as heady as it was brainy. "Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, and this is the first." - Steve Albini

Jeffertiti's Nile - The Electric Hour LP

Jeffertitti plays bass in FATHER JOHN MISTY, and in fact, Father Misty plays drums on "The Electric Hour". "Transcendental Space-Punk Doo Wop" was once declared to be the name of this boundless sound, by the authority of Jeffertitti himself.

Sleepyhead - Wild Sometimes LP

1st new release in 15 years! Although born in the post-punk 90s, Sleepyhead has always had a heart that, in part, beats to classic American rock n roll - marrying unpretentious up-tempo tunes to extraordinary harmonized lyrics constructed by mature, but definitely not jaded sensibilities. With founding members Chris O'Rourke (guitar) and Rachael McNally (drums), Sleepyhead had quite the run in the golden age of Indie Rock, and the labels that released their music (Slumberland, Homestead, Sealed Fate) are a Who's Who of that era.

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