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Thursday, January 29

Adam's Pick of the Week!

Wolfmoon, a.k.a. Little Tommy, a.k.a Tyrone Thomas was a protegé of the mighty Swamp Dogg. This is the only album he cut under the name Wolfmoon and it's a doozy.

In some ways, this is Swamp Dogg-lite, but Thomas holds his own as a singer and drummer even though half of these songs are covers and the rest were penned by Swamp Dogg himself. Either way, Wolf's covers of 'People Get Ready' and 'If I Had A Hammer' rank up there with the best and the originals on here stand up to anything Swamp ever did on his own.

This one was a true rarity for years until it's reissue on Alive a few years back. You can and should pick it up at saki right now! Even if you don't care for the outsider soul found in the grooves, that cover art alone is worth the price.

- Adam

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