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Friday, February 27

Adam's Pick of the Week: Baked - Debt

Baked seem to distill just about everything I love about indie rock from the past 30+ years: Detached, sometimes bordering on monotonous vocals? Check. Jangly guitars? Check. Beefy guitars? Check. Odd, dark atmospherics? Check. Psych-stoner leanings? Check. Pummeling rhythms? Check. It's all here. It's often not all in the same song, which can make for somewhat uneven listening, but what Baked lack in consistency of sound, they make up for in proficiency. Whatever they're doing, they do it very, very well. It's no surprise that Baked boasts members of multiple well-respected Brooklyn DIY outfits from recent years. They've clearly learned a lot along the way.

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