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Thursday, February 5

Adam's Pick of the Week!

One of my favorites of 2014! Posse recalls the deceptively poignant ennui of Galaxie 500 and Yo La Tengo (and basically the entire K Records catalog) at their most minimalistic. Soft Opening is one of those rare gems that succeeds not despite its detachment, but because of it. Every song has the sound of  a casual conversation between friends (the track listing includes "Talk," "Shut Up," and "Interesting Thing No. 2") - a conversation that someone listlessly set to music.

If that sounds less than appealing to you then 1) we can't be friends, and 2) just know that for all the perceived apathy you may find on this album, there is just as much personality.

Soft Opening is like the laid-back buddy you want to drink with at a dive bar on a weeknight, except, you know, it's a record and you probably just have to listen to it at home.

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