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Monday, February 23

Anne's Pick of the Week

Native North America, Volume I: Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985
Not only is this three LP set really fantastic, but it's also hugely important! Never before has such a thorough compilation of music created by the Aboriginal community of North America been made widely available. The curator of the album spent fifteen years traveling throughout Alaska, Canada, and northern America collecting these songs that had been largely unavailable since their original creation. The songs you'll hear are reminiscent of Johnny Cash, the Velvet Underground, and countless other recognizable names from that era - but they're infused with a spirit you won't find elsewhere. The lyrics speak often of the destruction of not only a land but an entire indigenous people. However, there's an underlying spirit of resilience that pervades the collection. Natural imagery and an appreciation for the land in and of itself permeate many of the songs. Overall, this volume is in every way a remarkable feat that is not to be ignored.

A later volume focusing on southern America and Mexico is currently in production, so stay posted! It's sure to be as wonderful.

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