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Wednesday, March 18

Adam's Pick of the Week: Famous L. Renfroe - Children

I found out about this record from the music blog, Aquarium Drunkard, about a year or so ago. I'm sure they can say it better than I will, so I recommend checking out their post about the 'Flying Sweet Angel of Joy' if you're interested.

There isn't a ton of verifiable info available about Famous L. Renfroe, or this, his sole album as far as I know. It seems that Renfroe recorded most of, if not all, of the record himself, and it shows. The arrangements are sparse, and the backing vocals are almost comically overdubbed.

If you like your gospel/soul a little on the strange side, this one will not disappoint. Children has the kind of heart that can only come from a 'mad genius' working out their singular vision without any interference. It's a must-buy for my money!

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