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Monday, March 9

Anne's Pick Of The Week

Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz
Despite its 2010 release date, this album is a recent discovery for me. Since hearing about it, however, I've had trouble convincing myself to listen to anything else. While this is not a bad thing overall, it doesn't make for particularly interesting shifts at saki. I make no claims of expertise regarding Sufjan Stevens' overall discography - I'm most familiar with his Illinois and Michigan albums. Given that background, this album was a huge surprise for me. Stevens leaves behind his more stripped down sounds, adding an electronic orchestration to his ethereal voice. The music itself is quite the departure from his previous work, and the lyrics follow suit - they are significantly more personal than what you find in his prior work. It's a beautiful album, and a perfect soundtrack to the spring(ish) days that seem to be just around the corner.

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