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Tuesday, April 14

RSD staff picks!

Man, there's a lot of stuff on that RSD list... here's our thoughts on a few of the titles that we're buying for ourselves on Saturday!

Adam's RSD picks...

Stack Waddy - Bugger Off 2 LP

Stack Waddy were a British blues-rock band at a time when there were probably too many of them. Sure, there's Clapton, and John Mayall, and Peter Green, but none of them had the balls of Stack Waddy. Bugger Off 2 is full of outtakes from the sessions that brought their most well known album, 'Bugger Off.' Of course, I could just tell you that John Peel LOVED this band, and that should be enough.
Bardo Pond - Is There A Heaven? 12"

I'll buy anything that Bardo Pond puts out. You're not me, I get it, but this is maybe the only way that you should try and be like me. This is the third installment in Bardo's 12" series for RSD. On each 12" they cover two of their favorite songs, re-imagining the likes of Funkadelic, Pharoah Sanders, Brian Eno, The Velvet Underground, and now Bryan Ferry and Albert Ayler. It's amazing and very limited and you need it.
Lows In The Mid Sixties Vol. 54: Kosmic City Part 2 LP

Psych-garage soul stompers straight out of Kansas City! These are a bunch of lesser-known no-hit wonders that Numero Group have compiled for us all in one, very cool looking compilation. There are some great originals, and a bunch of worthwhile covers in here. If nothing else, people will see this one on your shelf and just think it LOOKS cool, which it does, because Numero always does a great job.

Wonderland Philharmonic - Shogun Assassin OST LP

This is a weird one, but a must-have. If you're aware of Shogun Assassin, it's most likely because of GZA's Liquid Swords, or the Kill Bill movies, but this, the movies original soundtrack is a classic in its own right. It was produced by Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and The Raiders W. Michale Lewis of Rinder and Lewis. Much like the movie itself, the soundtrack is mash-up of Eastern themes and modern (at the time) American electronic music. It also comes with a huge movie poster!  
Guided By Voices - Do The Collapse LP

You could ignore every other track on here and just play 'Teenage FBI' on repeat and it would still be worth it. I'm not saying you SHOULD do that, but you could. That song is perfect, and the rest of this record is almost as good.
Brenton Wood - Oogum Boogum LP

'Oogum Boogum' and 'Gimme Little Sign' are two of the best soul/dance tracks ever put to wax. Fans of Al Green and Syl Johnson, don't forget to pick this one up!



Nick's RSD picks... 

Trojan - Rude Boy Rumble
Trojan is finally starting to sell more vinyl, with limited selections culled from their CD box sets that came out several years ago. This one was compiled just for RSD and contains some seriously choice cuts! If you've ever thought "I want to get into reggae, but I don't know where to start" then this is the comp for you! A bunch of essential artists on this one. GET IT!

Pretty Things - Pretty Things EP 7"
This reissue fucking rips! Four scorching tracks sure to inspire you to get zorched.

Kyle Kinane - I Liked His Old Stuff Better LP Former local boy done good! Sure it's just my opinion, but I'd say that Kyle is one of the top comedians you can see live today. Comedy is all about the live experience, but his past out puts have held their own. Dude went from playing in a ska band at the Fireside Bowl to his current gig as the voice of Comedy Central. Skank on that pickle, suckers! If you see this make sure to pick it up, pick it up.


Metallica - No Life Til Leather Cassette
HOLY SHIT, this is the one I've been waiting for! Sure it's a tape and sure it's demo tracks, but that doesn't stop it from being the best bay area thrash recordings of all time. I've only really been able to hear bootlegs online before and paying $400 for an original isn't very mesh, so owning a physical copy is a a must for those who long to bang their heads.

Trey Anastasio Band - Bounce / Never 7"
In all honestly, I don't care about the music on here whatsoever. I think you should buy a copy just so you and your granola eating friends can have a super limited edition frisbee to throw around at the final Dead shows when you're tailgating at Soldier Field later this year. If you can afford those tickets, then the fee here is chump change. RIP Jerry!

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