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Wednesday, April 29

saki newsletter 4/28!

Hey, everybody! Sorry for the lateness of this newsletter. We know how much you rely on the promptness of the saki newsletter every Tuesday. We're so sorry to disappoint, but the world is a big, confusing place, and we weren't able to deliver. We'll make it up to you, we swear! 

We've got some VERY cool things to tell you about this week, but first we'd like to thank Cavepainters and Josh Rosen for playing on Saturday. That was our first time seeing either of them live and we really enjoyed it. You can buy Cavepainters debut album, With The Trees at saki now!

Ok, now on to the future... first, we have a Freak Happening show THIS friday. Some of you may be asking, 'Whaaaaaaaat? Freak Happening is supposed to be on the LAST Friday of the month, not the FIRST!!' We know, we know, but listen, calm down. You're overreacting. It's not a big deal. Nick and Goody were out of town last week, so we just pushed the show back a week. It's gonna be OK. For those of you who are still upset, we have some news that might alleviate your concerns: the world's most famous fake dwarf, the legendary DORF will be appearing on this week's show! We can hardly believe it - for good reason, Nick and Goodrich are always lying to us about this stuff. This time we choose to believe it's true - the actual fictional character DORF will be this Friday's show. OMG OMG WE CAN'T WAIT!

Next Thursday our friends at the Dr. Martens store are hosting an in-store with one of our new favorite bands, YEESH! We've been pushing their album in the store for a while now, so maybe that name sounds familiar. Now we have an even better reason to tell you to buy it: Dr. Martens is offering 15% off (footwear only) on May 7th if you bring in a receipt from saki showing that you purchased Yeesh's No Problem! It's a double-deal! Get an awesome record and a sweet discount on some killer boots at the same time. Just make sure you get your ITEMIZED receipt from us at check out. You'll need it to redeem your discount!

Last but not least, we have some guest list spots for Vetiver and The Fruit Bats' Eric D. Johnson at Old Town School on May 8th! Just purchase a Vetiver or Fruit Bats album from us and we'll add you to the list. Our spots are limited, so get in here fast to claim them!

Here's a few other things we were talking about on Instagram, etc. this week!

Used vinyl picks: John Cale, Portishead, John Coltrane, 
Child Bite, A Place to Bury Strangers as Dead Moon, and more!

Still have a few of these Crypt Records titles in stock!

We "celebrated" World Book Day. Did you know that we sell books? 
Now you do.

New saki t-shirts designed by the one and only Ryan f***ing Duggan. They have Ryan's beloved 'Heavy Cat' design on the back and a classic saki logo on the front breast. Like all of our saki-branded merchandise, you get 5% off your purchase when you wear it in the store!

Upcoming events:

New releases:

1939 Ensemble - Black Diamond Pearl LP/CD
Adams, Ryan - I Do Not Feel Like Being Good 7"
Ahmed, Ilyas - I Am All Your Own LP
Askew, Ed and Black Swans Split 7"
Basinski, William - Cascade CD
Bonnie Stillwater - Devil Is People LP
Braids - Deep In The Iris LP/CD
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Musique de film imagine CD
Carribean - 65 Cent Dinner 7"
Coachwhips - Bangers Vs. Fuckers LP/CD
Cohen, Sam - Cool It LP
de Jong, Paul - IF LP/CD
Dot - One and the Same Cass
Erikkson, Bjorn - Inner/Outer/Under Cass
Ex and Fendika - Lale Guma b/w Addis Hum 7"
Fay, Bill - Who is the Sender? LP/CD
Gibson, Jon - Visitations LP
Harnetty, Brian - Sociophonic Key 7"
Heaters - Mean Green LP
Henderson, Joe - State of the Tenor, Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 1 LP
Home Blitz - Foremost and Fair LP
HTRK - Marry Me Tonight LP
Jones, Dave - Etudes for Ring Modulator and Delay MC
Parr, Charlie - Stumpjumper LP
Paul, Parker - Food Service Cass
Plvs Vltra - Rooftop Arcade 7"
Prefuse 73 - Forsyth Gardens LP
Scott, Jackson - Sunshine Redux LP/CD
Shit Robot - Where It's At (feat. Reggie Watts) LP
Silver, Horace Quintet - Cape Verdean Blues LP
Smith, J.B. - No More Good Time in the World for Me CD
Split Single - Live EP CD
Stetson, Colin and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was LP/CD
Taylor, Cecil - Conquistador! LP
Turns - Gone EP 7"
Vincent, Sonny and Rocket from the Crypt - Vintage Piss CD
V/A - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night OST LP/CD

20% off this week:


Syl Johnson, The Bats, Sneaky Feelings, 

Galaxie 500, John Coltrane, and The Contents Are!


Staff picks of the week:

No staff picks this week! But, hey, just go look at our old newsletters. We picked lots of nice things for you in the past!

Ticket giveaways: 

Buy a release from any band playing an upcoming Empty Bottle, Schubas or Lincoln Hall show and we can add you to the guest list. Stop in or give us a call! Keep an eye out for announcements for eligible Metro, Constellation, and Bottom Lounge shows too!

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