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Wednesday, May 20

Adam's Pick of the Week: Myriam Gendron - Not So Deep as a Well

Holy crap - Dorothy Parker's poetry set to song - this is gorgeous! I didn't know much about Myriam Gendron before buying this album, and to be honest, I still don't - but the description on the back (written by Byron Coley) pretty much sells it:

Parker's poems have occasionally been turned into songs over the years, but they have never been subjected to such a thorough investigation as the one Myriam Gendron provides on Not So Deep as a Well. Myriam's delivery and arrangements are wondrous. Her guitar playing has the same spare, rhythmic circularity as Leonard Cohen's 1960s recordings, creating harmonic density inside of a small, rich palette of emotional colors. Her vocals have a a still and haunted quality that suits the material beautifully.

Maybe one day I'll know more about Myriam Gendron, but for now this is enough. I can 99% guarantee you'll love this.

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