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Sunday, May 10

Robyn's Pick of the Week: The Clean's Anthology

You can get all of The Clean (four LP's) for $35 WITH downloads IN a fancy box that ISN'T ugly. I would bring this not-ugly box with me to Asia but it's too heavy for my suitcase because it's filled with all of the good music. "If you drew a tree of New Zealand rock, The Clean would in all likelihood be the trunk. Resting on the roots of legendary Kiwi punks Enemy, The Clean debuted in 1978, and were instantly something of an oddity in their homeland, where the rock scene was dominated by bands covering American and British music. The Clean played only their own songs, and helped nurture a Kiwi scene that's accrued probably the best per capita ratio of great bands of any country in the world" (Pitchfork). But also in the words of Nick, "Don't be a stupid dirtbag, get [The] Clean."

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