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Friday, July 31

saki newsletter 7/31/15!

Awwwwww yeeeeeeeah, it's been a good week! We had a crazy good in-store with Spirit of the Beehive and Carbonleak on Thursday. Everyone who came out knows that they killed it and those of you who didn't, well, you blew it.

The Predictions and Brendan Faloona (from Brendan and the Black Jackets) are playing on Sunday afternoon. It will be, like many of our Sunday in-stores, a decidedly relaxed event. Come chillllll with us - the AC's been workin' great!

Here are some things we were talking about on Instagram, etc. this week! 

We keep listening to this Brigth Engelberts reissue from Hot Casa Records. Can't. Get. Enough.

We're going with the painfully obvious theme of Summer Jams for the 20% off staff picks this week because honestly we can't think about anything else but how hot we are. These picks are subject to change at any time, so check in and see what's new throughout the week!

 Mary made us a crazy pinwheel mobile out of Jamie XX posters (she provided her own disco ball). We know we still don't have a very noticeable sign out front, but hey, now we've got rainbow pinwheels!

New arrivals from Mississippi Records!

We're still giving away these Carpark Records USB sticks (designed by Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick). They contain the first 100 releases from Carpark! No purchase necessary, just stop in and fill out an entry form with your name and contact info.

Upcoming events:

Sunday, August 2nd @ 4pm
In-store with The Predictions and Brendan Faloona

Saturday, August 22nd @ 4pm
Acoustic Powerpop: Lee Ketch (Mooner), Ian Olvera (Sleepwalkers - MKE), Wes Hollywood in-store!

We've got some pretty good ones coming in late August, but we're still working the details out. Check back for more info!

New releases:

Air - Moon Safari LP
Ausmuteants - Mates Rates 7"
Bored Youth - Are You Alive - 1982 CD
Brown Spiders - It's Something To Do 7" 
Buck Biloxi and The Fucks - Streets of Rage LP
Cape Snow - S/T CD
Creeping Pink - Mirror Woods LP
Kim and Leanne - True West (Kim Salmon from The Scientists)
King Dude - Songs of Flesh and Blood: In The Key of Light CD
Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door LP and Deluxe LP
Led Zeppelin - Presence LP and Deluxe LP
Led Zeppelin - Coda LP and Deluxe LP
Thelonious Monk - London Collection Vol. 2 LP
New Swears - Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever LP
Seaweed - Actions and Indications LP
Sundays and Cybele - Heaven cassette
Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable Tragedy CD and LP 
Dwight Twilley Band - Fire Fly 7"

20% off this week:

We'll pick new staff picks for the 20% off rack each day. Come in and see!

Staff Picks:

Adam's Pick of the Week... Brigth Engelberts - Tolambo Funk

One of the lesser known of an already under appreciated crop of African soul and funk from the 70's. Like many of his contemporaries, Engelberts and his band were cribbing from American and British soul, but always adding a flair of the traditional music they group up on. What comes out is not dissimilar to Africa by Amanaz, Lijadu Sisters, Witch's discography, or even Fela Kuti.

Due to the music's familiar, but different vibes, it's always a good one to throw into your DJ sets (real and imagined). Everyone feels like they've heard it before, even if they haven't. Either way, they'll be into it after you play it for them - unless they, you know, don't have ears.

Anaa's Pick of the Week...

What is this? A rectangular record? Don't be silly. It's a book! It's a collection of short stories that draw you in through the characters and their efforts to make the best of their situation. It's funny and dark yet endearing, with a huge range of characters and situations. A perfect beach read, in my opinion.

Jonathan was one of the original founders of Featherproof (the publisher of this volume) and they've continued to publish quality fiction and non fiction alike. We carry many of their titles (most recently, Jessica Hopper's collection of reviews).

Ticket giveaways: 

Buy a release from any band playing an upcoming Empty Bottle, Schubas or Lincoln Hall show and we can add you to the guest list. Stop in or give us a call! Keep an eye out for announcements for eligible Metro, Constellation, and Bottom Lounge shows too!

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