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Friday, August 14

Adam's Pick of the Week: Girl Band - The Early Years

Girl Band are a minimalist Irish post-punk band. There are no girls in the group and even the EP title 'The Early Years' is fairly dubious. This is a collection of a few singles (not even their earliest ones) and a handful of new tracks, including inspired covers of Beat Happening and a dubstep artist called Blawan (who is apparently pretty big in that world, how the hell would I know...).

This is just my opinion (which is often misguided) but I'm calling it now, these guys will be the next band to break out on the level of Savages or Parquet Courts. Their terse and violent delivery has just the right amount of anger mixed with accessibility to appeal to a wide audience, and with their misleading names and album titles they're like honey to bad music writers' bees.

You're gonna hear about them again soon enough (they've got a debut full length coming on Rough Trade soon) so why not just get into them now and feel cool about it!?

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