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Sunday, August 30

Anna’s Pick of the Week: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

I’m sure all you savvy music-nerds reading this have already listened to and formulated your opinion of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s 3rd album when it came out in May. I’m late to the party, so what?

It’s upbeat and bright with tight beats and slightly goofy synth and voice modulations. Definitely pulling from both psychedelia and disco. It starts out with a bang, track one, “Multi-Love” and carries that energy for the first few tracks, then gets a little more soulful midway, and kicks in track 7 with another ear with, with Stage and Screen that has a lyrical swagger of Stevie wonder. A fun, if not slightly weird, record.

p.s. if you don't listen to the podcast Song Exploder, it's awesome. Short shows interviewing musicians on how they created a song of theirs. Check out UMO's Multi-Love show!

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