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Thursday, September 17

Adam's Pick of the Week: The Beta Band - The Three EPs (12" reissues)

Call me a cheater, but my pick this week is three separate EPs by The Beta Band. For the most part these individual EPs didn't become well known until they were released collectively on a single CD as The Three E.P.'s. Now they are available again as individual 12" EP reissues.

The Beta Band never got the commercial success that many of their contemporaries found, but most of those peers were hyping The Beta Band even as their own projects were at the top of the pop world. The Beta Band are quintessentially 90's and British, taking full grasp of the genre-blending radio-ready rock of their era, but they always seemed to make it seem more effortless than everyone else. Honestly, any description of the Beta Band's sound in 2015 will sound dated, but if you don't know it, give it a listen. All three E.P.s hold up better than you think they would, and each one is well worth the individual price tag!

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  1. Rob approves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHPLjyvPkBU


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